Saturday, February 26, 2011

Volturyon - Coordinated Mutilation

Coordinated Mutilation
United Guttural Records

Although passing under the radar for most, Volturyon’s debut effort ‘Blood Cure’ (Which was released in 2008 through Obscure Domain Productions) did manage to attract quite a bit a positive press for the Swedish death metal act in their native Europe, with many tipping the band to be one of the scene’s up and coming big names.
Three years on and the band (Comprising of Deals Death vocalist Olle Ekman, ex-Evangeli guitarists Johan Gustafsson and Andreas Olander, ex-Evangeli/Cryonic Temple bassist Stefan Eriksson and In Mourning drummer Christian ‘Crille’ Netzell) have since signed to United Guttural Records, and duly unleashed their long awaited sophomore effort ‘Coordinated Mutilation’.
Without any forewarning (In other words, no pointless introduction piece), Volturyon are quick to get the album off in a totally devastating fashion with the pulverising ‘Bloodsoaked Solution’. Initially starting out with an all out assault of speed and aggression, the song does eventually settle down to reveal a strong sense of groove, without losing any of its original intensity. The Tight rhythm section within the band provides the real strength within their sound and performance, while the shifts in tempo and the technical finesse demonstrated throughout keeps the listener constantly on their toes. Vocally, Ekman sometimes sounds reminiscent of George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher of Cannibal Corpse, and musically the band aren’t necessarily pushing the boundaries of death metal beyond its known parameters, but given how well Volturyon deliver their music, the obvious can be largely overlooked so as to enjoy what’s on offer.
‘Savage Gluttony’ is a definite stand out with its somewhat more melodic and catchy chorus structures and strong sense of groove, while the slower and sparser riffing in ‘Euphoria Through Execution’, the title track ‘Coordinated Mutilation’, the menacing chug of ‘Intense Convulsions’ and the infectious ‘Sadistic Molestation’ show the band’s willingness to give the album plenty of variation from one track to the next.
That’s not to say that it doesn’t have its fair share of bludgeoning efforts, as tracks such as the ‘Eight Corner Of Slaughter’, ‘Ravaged’, ‘Abide Under Eminence’ and ‘Sanguinolency’ more than make up for the punishment dished out through the album.
Although bringing precious little in terms of anything new to the table, Volturyon have still managed to produce a thoroughly enjoyable brand of modern death metal, which is more than evident in their latest release ‘Coordinated Mutilation’.

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