Saturday, February 12, 2011

Titans Eve - The Divine Equal

Titans Eve
The Divine Equal
Independent Release

Formed in 2008, Titans Eve are a young group of newcomers to the Canadian metal scene, who have to date managed to produce an E.P. (2009’s ‘Into The Fire’), and also share the stage along with the likes of Exodus, Holy Grail, Lazarus A.D., Finntroll, and Moonsorrow in their short time together.
Now taking things to the next level, Titans Eve (Who comprise of lead vocalist/guitarist Brian Gamblin, guitarist/vocalist Kyle Gamblin, bassist/backing vocalist Jesse Hord and drummer Casey Ory) have put together their debut full-length effort ‘The Divine Equal’.
Thematically based on John Milton’s epic poem ‘Paradise Lost’ and ‘The Book Of Genesis’ (The first book of the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament), and boasting an old school thrash metal sound that doesn’t conform to modern influences, Titans Eve promised a lot with ‘The Divine Equal’. And while the cover artwork that adorns their debut full-length effort is far from all that enticing, it has to be said that for the most part, Titans Eve have managed to deliver on their promise.
After a short opening instrumental piece (‘Mourning Star (Intro)’), Titans Eve get straight into their thrash groove with the powerful opening number ‘Judgment’. Fast paced, melodic and steeped in strong N.W.O.B.H.M. influences (The strong groove and solos brings to mind Iron Maiden mixed with Judas Priest), ‘Judgement’ is definitely one of the album’s stronger tracks, and a prime example of Titans Eve’s ability to thrash out, without mimicking the sound that a lot of modern so-called new thrash acts call the old school approach to their music.
The harder edged ‘Becoming The Demon’ is another stand out track with Brian Gamblin’s vocals finding the perfect balance between catchiness and aggression on the vocal front, while the groove heavy ‘Tides Of Doom’, the mid-paced ‘Nightfall’ (Which is preceded by the short acoustic instrumental piece ‘Dusk’) and ‘Searching For Nothing’ are further highlights on the album.
‘The Divine Equal’ isn’t what you would call a truly outstanding release, as the album is a little letdown by a few songs that don’t quite have the same level of strong song writing as some of the stand out tracks. But for a debut, Titans Eve have certainly put together an impressive effort in ‘The Divine Equal’, and one that will no doubt establish the band as one to keep an eye out for in time to come.

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