Monday, February 28, 2011

Roger Miret And The Disasters - Gotta Get Up Now

Roger Miret And The Disasters
Gotta Get Up Now
People Like You Records/Century Media Records/E.M.I. Music Australia

It’s been a long time between solo releases for Roger Miret and his backing band The Disasters, but five years after the release of ‘My Riot’ (Which was released through Sailor’s Grave Records), he’s back with album number four ‘Gotta Get Up Now’ with a new label People Like You Records. If you’re familiar with Roger Miret And The Disasters’ previous releases, then you’ll no doubt know what to expect with ‘Gotta Get Up Now’. And while all of the band’s releases to date have been of a high quality, it has to be said that with their latest release, Roger Miret And The Disasters (Who comprise of guitarist/vocalists Rhys Kill and Randy Rost, bassist/vocalist Roy Valencia and drummer Pete Sosa) have managed to really outdo themselves, and produce what is easily their strongest effort to date.
The opening track ‘Stand Up And Fight’ is a short, sharp and energetic punk rock anthem that the band seems to bash out with considerable ease. While the song itself isn’t anything revolutionary or different from what you would otherwise expect from past efforts, there is an undeniable energy heard within the track, and it certainly helps to give the song a real edge.
Both ‘The Enemy’ and ‘Faded’ (The first single from the album) are further fast paced anthems that pass by in a blur, while ‘We’re Gonna Find A Way’ (Which is the second single/promotional video clip lifted from the album) slows things down just a touch, with an injection of melody and some extended guitar solos giving the song a bit of a different feel.
The title track ‘Gotta Get Up Now’ is definitely one of the album’s real stand out efforts with its gang vocal backups, catchy riffs and infectious reggae influences, while the hard rocking ‘Outcast Youth’, ‘Tonight’s The Night’, ‘Red White And Blue’ and ‘Road To Nowhere’ are just some of the more notable selections worthy of singling out.
Roger Miret And The Disasters have never been the sort of band to release anything that falls below par, but if the truth be told, ‘Gotta Get Up Now’ is hands down the most consistent, energetic and well rounded album the band have recorded to date.
With ‘Gotta Get Up Now’ out now, and the new Agnostic Front album (‘My Life, My Way’) due to emerge within the next month, Miret is well and truly making sure 2011 is a busy year. And given how inspired his song writing is at the moment, I can’t see fans complaining anytime soon.

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