Monday, February 14, 2011

Abacinate - Genesis

Epitomite Productions

Twelve months after the release of their stop-gap E.P. release ‘A Kings Thirst For The Frosty Brew’, New Jersey based deathcore outfit Abacinate are back with their latest full-length release ‘Genesis’.
Having undergone a line-up change since the release of ‘Ruination’ (Ex-Grieving Process vocalist Jason Sica has replaced Ian Neal, and guitarist Dan Higgins has been added to long time members in guitarist Todd Stern, bassist Mat Babulski and drummer Justin Spaeth), ‘Genesis’ does have a slightly different feel to where Abacinate last left off. But having said that, ‘Genesis’ still remains, for the most part, an album that older fans will hail as a step up for the band, and most likely the sort of album that will appeal to those who favour modern deathcore acts over the traditional old school sound.
The opening track ‘Night Of The Desirable Objects’ is a good example of what makes up the Abacinate sound, with the band’s hybrid mix of death metal fused together with some hardcore influences, and some added technical finesse showcased on the timing front blended in and around each other throughout the song’s duration. Newcomer Sica puts in a full throttle guttural growl throughout, which gives the band plenty of aggression out front, while the band’s reliance on strong groove in places at least keeps the band away from falling into the cliché of most deathcore acts – the over reliance on breakdowns.
The follow up track ‘Disturbing Remedies For A Desperate Disease’ is a solid enough number with its faster paced passages and some well executed melodic lead work, but is letdown a little with its somewhat groovier moments. ‘Purveyors Of Scum’ on the other hand didn’t really need the brief rap spot.
The thrashing ‘Necroplunger’, ‘The Bundy Curse’ and the equally crushing ‘The Natural Disasters’ are definite stand outs, while the two part ‘Laughing In The Dark’ showcases the band’s ability to craft a fine instrumental piece that maintains its interest throughout its nine minute running time without the aid of vocals.
Despite some flaws in the song writing, and the untimely passing away of Sica prior to its release (He was a member of the group for a year before passing away in September 2010), ‘Genesis’ is definitely Abacinate’s finest release to date, and one that will certainly find an audience amongst modern day deathcore listeners.

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