Monday, May 9, 2011

Truth Corroded - Worship The Bled

Truth Corroded
Worship The Bled
Truth Inc. Records/M.G.M. Distribution

Over the course of three full-length releases (2001’s ‘Begin’, 2005’s ‘Our Enemy Is The Weapon’ and 2008’s ‘Upon The Warlords Crawl’), Adelaide (South Australia) based thrash/metalcore outfit Truth Corroded have grown in leaps and bounds, with each new release sounding more extreme than the last and more confident in the song writing. Now returning with their fourth effort ‘Worship The Bled’, Truth Corroded have once again taken their sound to a whole new level and created an album that is worthy of high praise.
As is the case on most of the band’s past releases, ‘Worship The Bled’ boasts a revamped Truth Corroded to the one from three years ago, with lead guitarist Darren McLennan and session drummer Kevin Talley (Who previously played with Dååth, Misery Index, Dying Fetus and Chimaira) joining vocalist Jason North, guitarist Mark Lennard and bassist Greg Damon Shaw. And if there were any concerns about Truth Corroded losing any of their firepower with the introduction of new members into the fold, it will only take one listen to the opening track ‘Knives Of The Betrayed’ to dispel doubts.
The band’s ability to write truly memorable songs has seemingly improved with time, and the trend continues through to their latest release, with ‘Knives Of The Betrayed’ packed full with killer riffs, catchy chorus structures and enough instrumental elements (Particularly on the guest guitar solo from Scar Symmetry’s Jonas Kjellgren, and from Talley’s ever present drumming) to give the album a truly impressive kick from the word go.
The consistency and aggression of the opener is continued through to the fast paced ‘Hunt All Heroes’, while the dominating percussive rhythmic patterns and riff structured grooves within ‘Pride Of Demise’ and ‘Nothing Left Alive’ give the album plenty of variation from one track to the next.
The use of strings (Provided by David Crowe of Mammoth Logic) on the crushing ‘The Great Waste Of Flesh’ and ‘Dragged Beneath’ are interesting contributions that give the songs a touch of the different and unexpected, while Talley’s skills are best showcased on the frantic ‘Scavengers’ and ‘Tear Out The Eyes Of Your God’.
Finishing up the album is the lengthier ‘Summon Abyss’, where the band manages to combine all of their various sounds and styles that make up their sound into a huge thrashing epic, with former guitarist Corey Grieve providing the song with its outstanding melodic lead work.
Truth Corroded has always managed to surpass their previous release with each new album. And true to form, ‘Worship The Bled’ is another stunning achievement from the band. This is definitely Truth Corroded’s finest hour, and by far one of the strongest metal releases I’ve heard from an Australian act this year.

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