Monday, May 30, 2011

Ruins - Chambers Of Perversion

Chambers Of Perversion
Negative Existence Records

German based one man outfit Ruins (Who are otherwise known as Ru-i-ns) aren’t what you would call a well known act within the global metal scene, with the band’s sole output amounting to a couple of demos, a clutch of split E.P. efforts and one lone full-length release (2008’s ‘Satanic Bitchpenetration’, which was released through Greece based label Fistbang Records). But despite the band’s cult underground status, all two hundred and fifty copies of their limited vinyl only E.P. release ‘Chambers Of Perversion’ sold out in virtually no time at all, making it a highly sought after piece of the band’s vast back catalogue amongst diehard vinyl collectors.
Given the overwhelming success of the vinyl pressing of ‘Chambers Of Perversion’, Negative Existence Records has decided to re-release Ruins’ latest E.P. effort in C.D. form, which has once again been made available to Ruins fans almost a year to the day after it was initially released.
If it wasn’t already obvious by the rather graphic artwork that adorns the cover (Courtesy of artist Mark Riddick, whose worked with Grave, Hypocrisy, Slayer, etc.), Ruins is a blasphemous blackened thrash outfit that draws their influences from old-school acts such as Darkthrone, Voivod, Hellhammer and Bathory. But while there are quite literally hundreds of thousands of bands within today’s metal scene that draw upon the same said influences, there are few that manage to successfully capture the vibe and the sound of the above mentioned acts with such authenticity and energy.
The title track ‘Chambers Of Perversion’ is the first to open up the E.P., and typifies Ruins’ blackened brand of blasphemous thrash. The guitars are as every bit as raw, sharp and buzzing in sound as you would expect, and with a vocal approach that more than compliments the musical backdrop with a rasp that evokes a harshness and evil that could well have emerged from Satan himself. But what really shines through is the sheer infectiousness of the choruses and the riffs, and the ease at which the listener can head-bang along. ‘Chambers Of Perversion’ is anything but groundbreaking or original, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t a whole lot of fun!
From here, Ruins rarely strays from the template laid down by the opening track, but tracks such as ‘Primitive Evil’ (Which features a great shredding solo), the slow and brooding ‘War In Heaven Part 4 (Megalomania)’ (Which is a continuation from part three that appeared on ‘Satanic Bitchpenetration’), the speeding ‘Slutlust And Perversion’ and the full-on thrashing/shredding attack of ‘Sperm Of The Antichrist’ are the definitive stand out cuts.
Comprising of eight songs, and running for just under twenty-two minutes in total, you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy ‘Chambers Of Perversion’ in its absolute entirety.
Ruins’ black masterpieces may have eluded me in the past, but with another full-length recording rumoured to be released before the end of the year, you can be sure I’ll be keeping a keen eye out for their next release.

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