Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sounds Of Sirus - Singularity

Sounds Of Sirus
Independent Release

Drawing members out of the ashes of several local acts (Most notably (RevoluciĆ³n Street, The Grand Arcanum, Girl Pilot and Omniana), Melbourne based rock outfit Sounds Of Sirus formed in late 2009, and have spent the better part of the last couple of years gigging around the scene (Which have included support to names such as The Getaway Plan, House Vs Hurricane, Cog, Behind Crimson Eyes and Twelve Foot Ninja), all the while writing songs and refining their sound.
Having drummed themselves up a bit of a buzz in the underground scene, the five piece act (Comprising of vocalist Josh Day, guitarists Rory Bond and Peter Morianos, bassist Liam O’Reilly and session drummer Sam Osborne of House Vs Hurricane drummer) entered Basin Studios with Matt D’Arcy (Who recorded and mixed), resulting in their debut E.P. (Or ‘albumette’ as the band prefers to call it) ‘Singularity’.
The opening track ‘Day By Name’ is by far one of the E.P.’s harder hitting efforts, with the guitars sounding very upfront and in your face. But while the song does boast a bit of muscle, it’s not at the expense of the underlying melodic structure that flows from the verses and comes out in all its hooked glory in the choruses. Sounding in part like a cross between Dead Letter Circus and early Karnivool, but without the overly progressive and heavier elements, Sounds Of Sirus know their way around a good song with strong melodies – even if it does take a few listens for the character of the song to really reveal itself.
‘I Won’t Be Listening’ doesn’t stray too far from the feel and vibe of the opener in the musical sense with its dominating delayed guitar effects, but stands out as one of the E.P.’s stand out cuts with a powerful performance from Day with his inspired and daring vocal lines, while the title track ‘Singularity’ is perhaps one of few obvious examples of where the pre-chorus borrows from Birds Of Tokyo’s school of song writing.
‘Twisted Little Mind’ is a definite favourite with its huge sing-a-long chorus and heavier guitar output, with the E.P. first single ‘A New Line’ and ‘Pantomime’ close runners up, while the semi-acoustic and laid back ‘Close My Eyes’ provides an insight to another side of the band’s sound, with great results.
On a cursory listen, it’s easy to dismiss ‘Singularity’ as sounding a little too ‘samey’ all the way through. And it’s a fair criticism too, as the delayed guitar effects that feature on the first song features throughout the E.P. But after several listens, the songs do eventually reveal themselves as sounding different from one another.
If you have the patience, then ‘Singularity’ will reward you with some great songs. And even though there are a couple of weaker tracks amongst the seven presented here, there is enough presented to know that there’s potential within Sounds Of Sirus to release something really impressive over a full-length sometime in the future.

For more information on Sounds Of Sirus, check out - http://www.soundsofsirus.com/

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