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Hypno5e - Acid Mist Tomorrow

Acid Mist Tomorrow
Klonosphere/Season Of Mist/Truth Inc. Records

Despite being released in 2007, it took several years before Hypno5e’s debut full-length album ‘Des Deux L’une Est L’Autre’ was available throughout the rest of the world. Under normal circumstances, the delayed release of more than four years for a typical act might well have had virtually no positive impact. But for avant-garde metal act Hypno5e, the slow introduction of ‘Des Deux L’une Est L’Autre’ only heightened the buzz surrounding the band, and eventually built up anticipation for a new full-length effort from the avant-garde act. Now, after a lengthy five years after the release of their debut (And two years since the release of their side project’s A Backward Glance On A Travel Road’s critically acclaimed self-titled debut), Hypno5e (Who comprise of vocalist/guitarist Emmanuel Jessua, guitarist Jonathan Maurois, bassist/backing vocalist CĂ©dric ‘Gredin’ Pages and drummer Thibault Lamy) has returned with their long awaited sophomore effort ‘Acid Mist Tomorrow’.
The band start off their latest release with the ten minute title track ‘Acid Mist Tomorrow’, and showcase the extremities in styles and sounds that have earned the band their name as one of the metal scene’s more adventurous and avant-garde acts. Alternating between harsh pockets of brutality and passages of melodic atmospherics, ‘Acid Mist Tomorrow’ is a compelling piece of work that does take time to fully absorb, but worth it once fully understood. Not unlike their debut effort, the track features spoken word samples to add an extra dimension to their sound, which only adds to the haunting atmosphere created by the band’s eclectic and somewhat cinematic style of song writing.
Next up is the two part suite ‘Six Fingers In One Hand She Holds The Dawn’. The first part is a rather short instrumental piece that serves as an introduction to the second part - A track that is definitely one of the real highlights on the album. Much like the opener, this track is a mix of the chaotic and the melodic, with a greater emphasis on blurring the line between the two. Jessua’s harsh vocals are a real stand out, while the diversity of riff structures and quick time changes are well executed, and combined gives the song a real progressive edge. The tail end of the track is quite effective too, with the spoken word samples over the creepy keyboards helping to bridge the track to the follow-on effort ‘Story Of The Eye’.
‘Story Of The Eye’ is perhaps the most accessible track on the album in terms of flow and streamlined song writing structures, even if it is the heaviest and most progressive track on the album. The addition of keyboards and violin/flute samples against crushing metallic passages only add to the epic nature of the song, and earn the track its place as the best song on the album.
Next up is the three part suite ‘Gehenne’, ‘Part I’ begins with a slow building/softly sung introduction, which is soon pushed aside for a brutal middle section that incorporates some acoustic interludes in ‘Part II’, before combining equal parts of the first two parts for a climatic conclusion on the closing ‘Part III’.
Finishing up the album is the two part ‘Brume Unique ObscuritĂ©’, which starts out with a cinematic and atmospheric introduction with lots of spoken word samples (‘Part I’), and finishes up with a full-on vicious groove-like tail end that is full of jagged riffs, progressive time changes and a mix of acoustic and electric instruments.
I had high expectations of ‘Acid Mist Tomorrow’, and after allowing the album to grow on me, I’ve concluded that the album is quite an accomplished effort from Hypno5e, especially given the high standard set by their debut offering.
Suffice to say, if you’re looking for something a little left of centre, ‘Acid Mist Tomorrow’ is an album that should definitely fit the bill.

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