Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Calling Zion - Calling Zion

Calling Zion
Calling Zion
Independent Release

I remember hearing Melbourne based heavy rock/metal outfit Tread’s debut three track E.P. back in 2005 and thinking that while the band had potential, vocalist Scott Lathwood really impressed me. Of course, Tread and Lathwood parted ways, and Tread duly blew me away with their debut effort ‘Rise From Silence’ in 2009. In the years since his days with Tread, I’ve kept an ear out for Lathwood’s other projects, including Ordain, who managed to make some waves here in Australia, before moving to the U.S. in order to further make a name for themselves. It’s been a couple of years since I last heard from Lathwood, but the Chicago (Illinois) based vocalist finally resurfaced in a brand new outfit who go by the name of Calling Zion.
Since coming together back in 2011, Calling Zion (Who aside from Lathwood, comprise of Novembers Doom/Divinity Compromised guitarist Vito Marchese, guitarist Mike Warner, bassist Frank Michelkamp and ex-Symphony drummer Rocky Roppo) have been busying themselves with writing songs and refining their sound, and after spending time in the studio with producer Chris ‘Wisco’ Djuricic (Ex-Jungle Rot/Novembers Doom bassist), have emerged with their self-titled debut E.P.
The opening track on the four cut E.P. is ‘Let You Down’, which is a track that gives listeners a clear idea of what the band have in-store for the bulk of this release - and that’s big heavy guitar chords, a powerful rhythm section and Lathwood’s strong vocals. Although the music has plenty of muscle (Which isn’t exactly metal, but more a heavy duly alternative rock sound that packs a real punch), it’s Lathwood’s use of memorable melodies and powerful performance out front that really gives the song its identity.
The follow-up track ‘Stand & Ignite’ leans a little more towards the metallic side of things with its upfront guitar riffs, but never at the expense of Lathwood’s huge vocals on the chorus front, while ‘Stop The World’ and the slower paced and moodier closer ‘Window Of My Life’ are by far the most melodic and accessible tracks on the E.P. with their more hard rock sounding direction and vibe, but no less worthy because of that.
Although a little on the short side of things, overall, Calling Zion have put together a thoroughly enjoyable E.P. I can only hope that this is a taste of what will hopefully be a full-length effort the next time around.

For more information on Calling Zion, check out - http://www.facebook.com/callingzion

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