Monday, April 4, 2011

Warfield - Trivmvirat

Chaos Records

Mexico might boast a thriving metal scene, but for the most part, the acts that emerge from the region are generally passed over by most due to a lack of exposure and bands general limited ability to get their albums released to a worldwide audience. But in their relatively short six years existence, Mexican based label Chaos Records have helped introduce a wide number of their nation’s metal acts to a much wider global audience.
And the latest act to benefit from Chaos Records’ global audience is Mexico City based black metal outfit Warfield, who’s 2010 E.P. ‘Trivmvirat’ has been given the expanded/re-release treatment after receiving a limited release through Thailand based label Calamity Productions last year.
Released as a follow up to their debut full-length effort ‘Conquering The Black Horde’ (Which was released in 2009 on Black Saw Records), ‘Trivmvirat’ was essentially a stop-gap release for Warfield, while the four piece act (Comprising of vocalist/guitarist Polo ‘Hellfire’ Flores, guitarist Antimo ‘Molosh’ Buonnano, bassist Damnation and drummer Ivan ‘Infernal’ Herrera) set about commencing work on their second full-length effort.
Originally comprising of three studio tracks, the E.P. is opened up with ‘The Initiate’, which is a solid and straight-forward, if a little predictable, black metal number that’s reminiscent of bands such as Marduk and Watain. Hellfire’s rasping vocals are suitably grim and ravished, while the band’s command of heavier and atmospheric elements (Especially within the guitar effects) is well versed and executed.
The faster paced ‘Divinity’ is by far the stronger of the three tracks, with the relentless attack broken up with some well timed slower and melodic passages, while the final track ‘Trinity’ initially starts things off in a slow and tortured manner, before the band turn things around completely and unleash their unholy tirade to a blackened climax.
As mentioned earlier, this re-release has been expanded with the addition of three live tracks (‘Vomit On The Cross’, ‘Satanic Legislation’ and ‘Wolf Chakal’) and a previously unreleased live rehearsal demo (‘Pestilencia’). While the additional extras sound enticing, the reality is that they’re really quite substandard in sound quality, and actually take away from the quality of the E.P. as a whole, rather than add to it.
The three live tracks (Recorded in Warfield hometown of Tampico, Mexico in 2009) are pretty much bootleg quality (Meaning that they sound like they were recorded from the audience), and are a bit hard to listen to, let alone enjoy. As for the instrumental ‘Pestilencia’, well it primarily sounds like a work in progress piece, and therefore doesn’t really compare to the band’s official studio recordings.
Overall, if you’re a fan of Warfield’s debut, and have yet to pick up ‘Trivmvirat’, then this re-release serves its purpose in making it available once again. If, on the other hand you already own this E.P., then I wouldn’t be rushing to replace the original with this updated/expanded version in a great hurry. Instead, I would suggest you hold out for Warfield’s upcoming next full-length effort.

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