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Starting Sunday - Starting Sunday

Starting Sunday
Starting Sunday
Independent Release/BNM Records

In 2009, Melbourne based pop-rock outfit Starting Sunday (Formerly known as Front Counter) were on the cusp of big things, with the band getting their name out to the masses through a considerable amount of radio play for their independently released four track self-titled E.P., and touring alongside the likes of Behind Crimson Eyes, The Butterfly Effect, Bon Jovi and as a part of the roving Taste Of Chaos tour.
But despite their rise in profile, the band slipped off the radar while they bunkered down to focus on writing new material.
Some twelve months in the making, Starting Sunday (Who comprise of vocalist/guitarist Rhys Thompson, guitarist Josh Bagdadi, bassist Basil Yu and drummer Josh Sforzin) emerged from their self imposed exile with the release of a new single (‘Somewhere’) and a tour that saw the band play several dates up and down the east coast of Australia.
Fast forward a couple of months, and Starting Sunday have finally unveiled their new E.P., which is surprisingly (And not to mention confusingly) another self-titled effort.
The opening track ‘This Low’ is quick to announce a slight change of sound and direction for the band. The guitars obviously have a place higher in the mix, which gives the band’s sound a bit more punch than anything they’ve released in the past. But while the band have toughened up their sound, their familiar template of catchy melodies and vocals that are easy on the ear are still very much present, which is by far the biggest selling point for their take on the pop-rock sound.
‘Crawling’ is a another strong effort which again showcases the band’s heavier guitar approach, while the lead single ‘Somewhere’ is undoubtedly the most addictive and radio friendly number on the E.P.
The moody ‘These Games’ is something of a departure for the band with the song writing sounding a little more daring than anything the band have attempted in the past, most notably with the subdued chorus and the darker themes presented on the lyrical front, while the huge choruses and catchy hooks on the rocking ‘Lonely’ finishes up the E.P.
Starting Sunday may not be breaking the pop-punk/indie rock mould on their latest effort, but what they lack in individuality they more than make up for in doing what they do - really well. This E.P. is a great listen from start to finish, and nothing more. Essentially, this is thoroughly enjoyable for what it is.

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