Monday, March 28, 2011

Omision - In The Shadow Of The Cross

In The Shadow Of The Cross
Chaos Records

Omision is a band that was originally founded by vocalist/guitarist Heriberto Perez as far back as 1993, with the sole intention of banging out old school death metal. But despite his best attempts to keep the band active, the numerous line-up changes proved to be too much, and he soon put the band on hold in 1997.
Fast forward three years and Perez decided to reactivate Omision. Again, the band went through several line-up changes throughout the years, but through sheer perseverance, they continued to exist in one form or another, and even managed to produce two demos within that time (2006’s ‘Pile Up In The Morgue’ and 2007’s ‘Utopia Of Chaos’).
Within the last couple of years, things were looking up for Omision with what appeared to be solidified line-up (Joining Perez is ex-Incantation/Infinitum Obscure guitarist Roberto Lizarraga, Ignis Occultus bassist Ixca Lopez and ex-Sadistic Intent/Infinitum Obscure drummer Joel Marquez) and a deal with Asphyxiate Recordings about to be signed. But as fate would have it, the label folded before the band had a chance to release anything, and the Tijuana (Mexico) based outfit was once again back to square one.
But while the door was closed on one label front, it did open up another, with the band signing up with emerging Mexican label Chaos Records. And some ten years after reforming, Omision has finally unveiled their debut full-length album ‘In The Shadow Of The Cross’.
The best way to describe Omision’s music is old school death metal with a definite thrash influence. And a good indication for what’s in store for listeners over the course of the entire album can be heard in the opening title track ‘In The Shadow Of The Cross’. With the ominous sound of church bells, the guitarists slowly open up proceedings with a thrash-like guitar sound, before launching into a full-on death metal attack. Perez’s guttural vocal attack, coupled with the chaotic speed of the rest of the band, Omision put forth quite a damaging sound, with just the right mix of thrash and death metal to keep things varied and interesting.
Both ‘Your God’, ‘Fallen Angels’ and ‘Assault In The Vatican’ show that the band aren’t afraid to slow things down and allow some of the groovier and more atmospheric elements of their sound to take over from the heavier riffs, while tracks such as ‘Won’t Be Saved’, the pulverising ‘Pray’, ‘Seeking The Holy Throne’ and ‘The Downfall’ are pretty much the kind of death/thrash-like efforts you would expect from the band.
The sound is a little muddied in places, and the riffs utilised throughout the album don’t always have the crushing effect you would hope for, but for what it is, ‘In The Shadow Of The Cross’ is a solid album through and through, and should at least help the band get their name out after their lengthy stretch in virtual obscurity in the underground.

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