Thursday, March 10, 2011

Neuronspoiler - No One’s Safe

No One’s Safe
Independent Release

Having played in a variety of outfits over the years within the thriving underground London metal scene, the five members that make up Neuronspoiler (Vocalist JR, JR, ex-G.O.D./Headless Cross guitarist/vocalist Dave Del Cid, guitarist Stanley Long, ex-Mercy House/Headless Cross bassist Heray Rios and ex-Serpent Sins drummer Tim Barclay) decided to come together in 2009, with the aim of combining their passion for classic heavy rock and traditional metal to create something new and exciting.
And on the strength of the band’s five track debut E.P. effort ‘No One’s Safe’, there’s no denying that the young group have certainly achieved their objective.
The opening track ‘The Outcry’ (The first promotional video clip filmed for the E.P.) is an impressive start to the E.P., with the band revealing a bit of a Megadeth influence with their dual riff work and shredding solos. But outside of the obvious, JR’s powerful voice provides a touch of classic heavy rock to the mix, which compliments the overall melodic edge of the song throughout. The clash of styles might sound a little strange, but somehow Neuronspoiler manage to make it all sound so natural. While the follow-up track ‘Lost Brother’ is a solid enough number with some interesting riffs and solo work, but it does lack a little in the song writing department around the choruses.
As if to reinforce the flaws within the previous song, the instrumental piece ‘Cataclysm’ is a genuine stand out number with the guitarists showcasing their seamless blend of classic metal (Including some subtle N.W.O.B.M. vibes evident) with thrashier influences, with the band demonstrating their skills on their chosen instruments, and their ability to write a song that doesn’t rely solely on chorus hooks.
‘Updated Subjugation’ is again another different direction from what the rest of the E.P. has to offer with its darker and moodier vibe and use of atmospheric passages to emphasise the huge choruses and killer riffs, while the closer ‘Words, Words, Words’ (The second promotional video clip filmed for the E.P.) returns to the Megadeth like melodic thrash territory of the opener to finish the E.P. on a high note.
If there’s one flaw with ‘No One’s Safe’, it would have to be the lack of one clear direction and sound over the five tracks on offer. While there’s no denying that the production (Handled by Misha Nikolic) maintains an evenness over the entire disc, the mood and style of the songs does jump a little from track to track, which gives the impression that the band themselves haven’t quite managed to find their own sound and style.
Despite the absence of a unified direction, Neuronspoiler have managed to produce a great E.P. with enough potential to make me eager to see what they’ll come up with in the future.

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