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Various Artists - Bloodbrothers II – A Compilation Of Recordings By Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus

Various Artists
Bloodbrothers II – A Compilation Of Recordings By Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus
Pitch Black Records

Released in 1997, the Cyprian compilation album entitled ‘Bloodbrothers’ was far from a worldwide success story, and it certainly didn’t elevate those included on the album to the mainstream consciousness as an undiscovered gem within the hard rock/metal underground. But what the compilation album did manage to do was promote the growing underground metal scene in Greece, and showcase the largely overlooked talent that was emerging from Cyprus. Fast forwarding some twenty-five years later, and the Cyprian scene has come a long way and is being recognised on a global scale, largely through the efforts of those who helped shape the scene in the first place, along with the help of independent label Pitch Black Records.
In celebration of the original underground classic (And now very hard to find) compilation, and Pitch Black Records’ growing stature as the premier hard rock/metal label in Cyprus, Pitch Black Records has put together a new compilation of up and coming acts and some well known names within the scene under the banner of ‘Bloodbrothers II – A Compilation Of Recordings By Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus’.
As you would expect, this compilation features a handful of acts that will no doubt be familiar to those who have been keeping up to date with Pitch Black Records’ releases over the last couple of years. Arrayan Path is without a doubt one of Cyprus’ biggest exports in recent years, and not surprisingly kick-starts the album with ‘The Bible Bleeds’ from their recently released ‘IV: Stigmata’. Other noteworthy acts from Pitch Black Records’ vast roster include Lethal Saint (‘Out For The Kill’), R.U.S.T. (‘Metal Child’) and the impressive Blynd (‘Sins To The Cross’).
But what really makes this compilation important is the vast array of unsigned and unknown artists featured here. Armageddon (Who appeared on the original ‘Bloodbrothers’ compilation) deliver a cool progressive power metal sound on the previously unreleased ‘Fallen Angels And Lost Souls’, while Winter’s Verge keep the power metal coming with the epic ‘Semeni’ (From 2012’s ‘Beyond Vengeance’ – which was released on Massacre Records).
Elsewhere, Solitary Sabred (With their rough mix of ‘Redeemer’), Astronomikon (Who feature Arrayan Path vocalist Nicholas Leptos, and who offer up ‘Witch Hunter’), the Southern rock sounding Marianne’s Wish (‘Brainwash’ – which originally appeared on their ‘Add To Wishlist’ release from 2012 through Infinity12 Records), the raucous Infected Syren (With their demo version of ‘Syk’) and the experimental outfit Oneirism (Who offer up a demo version of ‘Render Real’) represent the best the album has to offer.
Clocking in at just a touch under the eighty minute mark, comprising of eighteen tracks and selling for such a low price, I’d be hard pressed to pick a fault with what ‘Bloodbrothers II – A Compilation Of Recordings By Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus’ offers the listener.
Cyprus still might be behind the rest of the world in terms of delivering a truly world class act, but given how much the scene has progressed in the last five years, and based on the strength of the acts featured on this compilation, one can only conclude that it’s not a question of if, but more when.
Overall, ‘Bloodbrothers II – A Compilation Of Recordings By Rock/Metal Bands From Cyprus’ comes highly recommended for those interested in the Cyprian underground, and those who are looking for something truly independent and delivered by individuals who have a passion for what they do.

For more information on ‘Bloodbrothers II’, check out - http://www.pitchblackrecords.com/

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