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Hatebreed - The Divinity Of Purpose

The Divinity Of Purpose
Nuclear Blast Records/Riot! Entertainment

When it comes to metallic hardcore, there are few bands as consistent or reliable as Bridgeport (Connecticut, U.S.) based outfit Hatebreed.
Over the course of their sixteen year existence, the band have carved out a unique crossover niche for themselves within the metalcore scene, with the band’s fan base split between those within the hardcore and metal scenes.
It’s been somewhat of a lengthy gap between releases for Hatebreed, with four years having past since the release of their self-titled album way back in 2009. But after spending a bit of time immersing himself in other projects (Including Kingdom Of Sorrow’s sophomore effort ‘Behind The Blackest Tears’ in 2010, and his rather experimental solo effort ‘Jasta’ in 2011), group founder/vocalist Jamey Jasta has once again turned his attention to Hatebreed, who have unveiled their highly anticipated seventh full-length effort ‘The Divinity Of Purpose’.
Anyone who’s familiar with Hatebreed will know exactly what’s in store within the band’s latest effort ‘The Divinity Of Purpose’. Hatebreed isn’t the kind of band to experiment with sound and direction purely to keep fans on their toes. No, Hatebreed have well and truly established their sound and style over the years, and they know that it’s exactly what fans want to hear from them time and time again.
The only real question is whether or not Hatebreed’s latest effort stands alongside their former releases in terms of strong songs. And in short, the answer is pretty much a resounding ‘Yes’!
Hatebreed (Who aside from Jasta, comprise of guitarists Wayne Lozinak and Frank Novinec, bassist Chris Beattie and drummer Matt Byrne) get the album off to an explosive start with ‘Put It To The Torch’ – the first single released from the album. It’s energetic, brutal and catchy enough to get any listener’s blood pumping, and everything any fan could ask for from a Hatebreed track.
From here, the band rarely lets up, with the follow-up track ‘Honor Never Dies’ (The second single from the album) a truly scathing track with a great chorus, while songs such as the fast paced ‘Own Your World’, ‘The Language’ (Which boasts a brief, but cool lead break), ‘Indivisible’, the stomping/menacing power groove of ‘Dead Man Breathing’ and ‘Boundless (Time To Murder It)’ are the definite picks dotted throughout the album.
While there are a couple of tracks that don’t quite match the quality of those mentioned above (The most notable has to be ‘Idolized And Vilified’, which gets lost at the tail end of the album), overall the album is another highly enjoyable and all-round killer effort from Hatebreed.
Hatebreed aren’t exactly the kind of band to step outside the box and change for the sake of change. But then that’s part of the strength of Hatebreed. Fans know exactly what to expect from Hatebreed, and sure enough, ‘The Divinity Of Purpose’ won’t disappoint fans one bit.

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