Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Cleansing - Feeding The Inevitable

The Cleansing
Feeding The Inevitable
Deepsend Records

After announcing their arrival onto the scene with their debut effort ‘Poisoned Legacy’ in 2009, Copenhagen (Denmark) based death metal outfit The Cleansing are back with their second full-length effort ‘Feeding The Inevitable’. And as expected, it’s another impressively brutal slab of modern death metal.
Having fully recovered, vocalist Toke Eld (Ex-Usipian) now takes on the front man position (Which was temporarily filled in by Corpus Mortale vocalist/bassist Martin Rosendahl), and makes his recording debut alongside new bassist Mads Haarløv (Ex-Corpus Mortale/Iniquity) on the band’s latest release.
The opening track ‘The Promethean Promise’ pretty much sums up what the listener can expect from the nine track album, with the band (Who also comprise of guitarists Andreas Lynge and Jeppe Hasseriis and drummer Morten Løwe Sørensen) providing plenty of variation in both speed and riff structures throughout the song, all the while maintaining a crushing brutality that is unmistakably rooted in traditional Danish death metal.
‘Third Eye Starring’ maintains the aggression and bludgeoning vibe and speed of the opener, but with the addition of some great lead work to break up the continual onslaught from start to finish, while ‘Your Flesh, Your Curse’ and the slow paced ‘Processed For Contamination’ further explores the atmospherics heard on the former track in greater depth, with the dual guitar work, the flourishes of speedier moments and the ominous spoken word passages earning the songs their place as the album’s definitive highlights.
‘A Cheating Progression’ and ‘Hour Of Decadence’ are fairly straight forward death metal numbers that boast the right combination of groove based elements and full on attack aggression, while the last three tracks on the album (Namely ‘Law Of Reciprocity’, ‘Two Days’ and ‘Crossroads’ - Which features a guest vocal appearance from ex-Koldborn/Cerekloth vocalist Martin Leth Andersen) are by far the fastest and heaviest tracks the band have to offer, and close the album off in a truly brutal fashion.
While ‘Feeding The Inevitable’ doesn’t really push the death metal scene into new territory, it does at least show that while there’s a lot of death metal band’s on today’s scene, few do it quite as well as The Cleansing.
Although short on innovation, ‘Feeding The Inevitable’ is a solid death metal release that is every bit as consistent and expertly executed as it is crushing and extreme. In other words, The Cleansing’s latest effort comes highly recommended.

For more information on The Cleansing, check out - http://www.thecleansing.net/

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