Friday, July 22, 2011

Apollo Pathway - Dress For Success

Apollo Pathway
Dress For Success
Independent Release

Having announced themselves on the scene with their debut single ‘Crème De La Cranka’ in late 2010, and following it up with their second single release ‘Never Ending Story’ earlier in the year, Banyule (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) based pop/indie rock outfit Apollo Pathway have returned with their debut E.P. effort ‘Dress For Success’.
While the band’s first single was O.K., it was hardly a captivating effort.
But on the strength of their second offering, there was an element of growth evident that did at least hint at some future potential within the band.
As predicted, ‘Dress For Success’ is another step in the right direction for the young four piece act (Who comprise of vocalist/guitarist Tex Erwin, lead guitarist Cristian Barbieri, bassist Ryan Tregonning and drummer Patrick Carrick), and the kind of release that’s sure to pave the way for even greater success.
The opening title track ‘Dress For Success’ (Which is the band’s latest single, and the latest to be given the promotional video clip treatment) sounds like an amalgamation of the band’s obvious influences, with traces of Weezer’s simplistic rock template spliced together with Jimmy Eat World’s penchant for huge chorus hooks - both of which will no doubt help give the song plenty of attention on radio.
Despite having already been released, the harder hitting ‘Never Ending Story’ is included here to showcase the band’s broad array of sound in their song writing arsenal (Which certainly isn’t a bad thing), while the equally impressive ‘Are You Free’ helped keep the E.P. moving along in rocking fashion, and stands out as one of the E.P.’s strongest cuts with it’s huge melodies (Which bring to mind latter era Bodyjar without the speed or punk elements) and huge guitar sounds.
Finishing up the E.P. is the energetic ‘Rewind’, which again brings to the fore another of the band’s influences - this time The Cars.
While ‘Dress For Success’ is a little short on length with a total of four songs - there’s something to be said for quality over quantity. Apollo Pathway sure knows how to write great songs, and every cut on this E.P. is nothing short of perfect.
With the E.P. now on the shelves, and a string of live dates lined up around the country, Apollo Pathway needn’t have to worry about looking the part in order to achieve success - because sound wise, the band are already a runaway success story. This release comes highly recommended for fans of pop/indie rock with a touch of class.

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